On August 28, 2013, a small group of about 25 people gathered together for the first time at a Boys and Girls Club for Bible study.  Through love and donation, we were able to obtain a school bus and travel to The Journey Church for 9 months for worship on Sunday mornings. During this time, we continued to meet at the club and other places for Bible study all while growing in God and in love for each other. 

In those nine months, we began looking for a permanent home to call ours for worship. Through much prayer and searching, we were finally able to find one. So on May 7, 2014, we met for the first time in our little store front that would be our home for the next five years. We occupied this little area for what seemed like forever as we continued to grow. We knew that we would not be in this place forever so we began praying and looking for a new home.  Through a LOT of prayer and learned patience, we finally purchased a piece of beautiful property on March 11, 2016 that would soon be our new home for Community Fellowship. 

We continued to meet in our little store front building while we waited for God to prepare us for the next steps on our new land.  On December 7, 2018 we signed on our construction loan and began the long process of building our new home. We spent the next several months watching, waiting and praying for the rain to go away so that we could begin the work. Finally the process began and we learned really quick that God had a BIG job in front of us.  In 2019, we began watching lots of different developements happen on the land. Everything from the concrete being laid to watching the structure of the building go up. We found ourselves drawn to be there to pray, to sit and watch, to dream about that first service and just ponder on all that God had been doing for us. 

And after many late nights, long days and lots of blood, sweat and tears, we had our first service on September 1, 2019. It was the most beautiful and joyful time. God had brought us home to 11 acres of sacred land that we have seen great things on.

Since 2019, we have continued to grow and are now in the process of building our new worship center. This new building will allow us more room for all of our different groups. We continue to look forward to the journey ahead and what He has in store for us. And until the day that He calls us to our new home in Heaven, we will continue the ministry that God has laid before us!